Add a New Milestone

When an authorized user opts to add a new milestone, then a form will be shown to enter the information.

All the fields except responsible user are mandatory.

Milestones, once created, can be associated with Test Executions.

Edit a Milestone

When an authorized user opts to edit a pre-existing milestone, then a form similar to add milestone will be shown and user can update any part of the information.

Milestones' List

The milestones' list screen lets an authorized user manage the milestones.

The user can see the list of existing milestones under the selected project, along with their relevant details.

For each milestone, following is shown:

  • Progress of the milestone in percentage (shown graphically)
  • Total number of "Test Executions", and pending "Test Executions"
  • Start date, and due date of the milestone
  • Name of the person responsible for milestone

The links to perform various operations like View/Edit/Archive/Delete are shown when the cursor hovers over the milestone's details

If email notifications for milestone's due date approaching, its completion, or its delay have been enabled by an administrator, then the email would be sent. 

Viewing Milestone Details

Milestones are important part of project. When you view the milestone details you not only see the list of test executions that have been associated with the milestone but also the status of test cases on the basis of the latest executions. General information about the milestone. 

Milestone details cover graphically represented statistical information related to milestone like

  • Percentage of completion and percentage of passed tests
  • General information related to a milestone

Milestone Burndown Chart

The burndown chart as the name suggests provides a comparison on ideal burndown and the efforts your team has put so far to meet the milestone deadline. 

The ideal burndown shows the number of test cases (to be executed and passed) decreasing day by day based on the number of days to the deadline.  

Defects Opened

Depicts how many defects that have been opened each day since the milestone has started. 

A link to allocate new Test Executions to the milestone is also available for authorized users.

Details of allocated Test Execution under the milestone are also shown.

Hovering the cursor over a Test Execution would provide links for user to View/Edit/Assign/Delete the Test Execution.

Archived Milestones

Archived Milestones' list can be viewed by selecting Archived option under Milestones Tab.

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