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5.1. Upgrading Self Hosted Instance

Please note, in this small set of steps <path_to_testcollab> refers to the actual path where the TestCollab application files exist.

  1. Before proceeding with the migration / upgrade process, please check and note the current version and revision of TestCollab, by clicking on  icon from the set  on top of the screen when the application is running
  2. Make sure you have downloaded the latest package from here http://testcollab.com/downloads
  3. Backup all the files and folders that are under <path_to_testcollab>
  4. Backup the database that is currently being used for TestCollab
  5. Extract the package
  6. Copy or move all the extracted contents into the TestCollab folder that has earlier been backed up
  7. From the backup, 
    Copy the /app/config/config.php file into the newer set of files
    Copy the folder /app/webroot/uploads into newer set of files
  8. Check the access permissions for the folders, and make sure that they are set as following
    <path_to_testcollab> => folder => 0755 => Recursively
    <path_to_testcollab>/app/config => folder => 0777
    <path_to_testcollab>/app/tmp => folder => 0777 => Recursively
    <path_to_testcollab>/app/webroot/uploads => folder => 0777 => Recursively
  9. Now, the migration process can be started by using the following command
    <path_to_php> <path_to_testcollab>/cake/console/cake.php -app <path_to_testcollab>/app migrate > <path_to_testcollab>/app/tmp/logs/migrate_<datetime>.log 
    Here replace <datetime> with the current date and time value to make the log file name look something like this migrate_280620131500.log
  10. Check the <path_to_testcollab>/app/tmp/logs/migrate_<datetime>.log to see if there is any warning or error in this., if there is an error, please report the same to the support team immediately by mailing the file to support@testcollab.com
  11. If log looks fine, run the following command to clear the application cache
    <path_to_php> <path_to_testcollab>/cake/console/cake.php -app <path_to_testcollab>/app clean cache
  12. Start using the application, check the application version and revision once again, now you should see the updated version and revision

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