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12.6. Test Automation with Remote Executors V1


NOTE: This document is out of date now. We have released new version of Remote executor. Please follow instructions on for new version given here: http://support.testcollab.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=165


A remote executor is a machine which is used to execute your automated tests. You can have any number of remote executors in your account. You can install a new remote executor with these simple steps:

Download the remote executor package from this link.

For Windows Machines:

1. After you run the downloaded package, you will be prompted to enter two parameters. Port to listen on & Your Test Collab Host.

3. You can find out your Test Collab Host in the e-mail sent to you at the time of signup or you can go to our home page and press login button. Then fill in your e-mail address and you'll be taken to your Test Collab URL. Please note it is important you do not add trailing slash ('/') at the end of URL.

4. Similarly follow rest of the wizard - and you will see the success message if everything went fine.

For Linux Machines:

1. Change directory to the directory you downloaded the package.

2. Give executable permissions to the file with:
chmod 755 install.sh

3. Run install.sh file as root
sudo ./install.sh

4. Follow the wizard as it installs the remote executor as service and uncompresses files.

5. Edit /opt/tcmre/config.ini (optional)

Note: All configuration changes will require a service restart. For linux users, run this command: 'sudo service tcmre restart'. For Windows, Go to 'Run > services.msc > Right click Test Collab Remote Executor > Select Restart'.

Verify if executor daemon is running

Open in your browser. If you see 'TCRESuccess' message, it means everything is running normally.

Security Settings

API / Security key should be edited after installation for best results. Be sure to reflect this API key on Test Collab server if remote executor is already added.

Adding Remote Executor in your Test Collab account

Note down the IP address / hostname and port number of this machine, you will need to specify these details on your Test Collab panel. Log in to your Test Collab panel, then go to Settings > Remote Executors to add this machine.


Please note it is important to configure your firewall or router settings if they do not block applications to listen on specific ports.

For further clarification, please refer - http://testcollab.com/files/automation/tcm_controller.swf

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