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1.3. Response Parameters

Everytime a request is made to API, it will reply with a JSON-formatted string like this:

    "appState": "/project/7",
    "data": {
        "created_id": "7"
    "message": "Project added.",
    "status": true


Parameter Possible Values Description
status true / false Status of the requested action. 'true' means action was completed successfully. 'false' means failure of request for any reason.
message null / string The success or error message.
data.created_id  null / integer This returns the ID of newly created item as a request of API request. 'created_id' will be returned as null on all other actions except 'add' actions.
data.errors absent / JSON object If 'status' is returned false, this will usually show the reason why request was failed. It may also contain validation errors.
data.* absent / JSON object Depending upon the requested action, this will contain one or more action-specific parameters.
appState absent / string This tells you where the system redirects the end-user after the requested action is finished. This can be used to build custom UI clients with API.

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