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1.2. Request Parameters

A request can be of a simple 'GET' or 'POST' type depending upon the action. 'API_KEY' should always be appended as 'GET' variable for authentication.

Sample URL:


Parameters Breakdown:

Element Value Description
Base URL http://your-testcollab-url.com/index.php This is the base URL of your Test Collab setup which obviously will be consistent with all API requests.
Action URL


Action URL changes depending on desired entity and action you wish to perform

Extension .json Tells system to return JSON response.
API Key ?API_KEY=yourapikey API Key; As provided in your Test Collab account. This can change as per user who is performing the action.
 POST data (optional)   Some actions like adding a project or test case requires raw JSON POST.

Sample POST data:

POST should be raw JSON encoded strings and always enclosed with 'data' element.

{"data": {"Project": {"name": "My New Project"}}}

Every action requires different set of parameters. Such parameters & examples for each actions are covered in further chapters.

A note about pagination

If you are calling the index action for an entity then you can opt to have paginated results, for this the request should have following  template 



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