6.4. Assign

URL: /project/{project_id}/executions/assignTest/{execution_id}

Acceptable POST Parameters:

Execution.assign_map Yes This parameter contains JSON-formatted object to indicate which users are assigned to which test cases or test suites. Based on number of test executors, it can contain multiple entries like these:
The above object indicates that user with id "2" is assigned test suite "1" and test cases "5" and "7" for execution. This provides granual access for assigning desired test cases to specific user(s). Executions can also be assigned to remote executors / bots like these:

Example Request:

curl --data '{"data": {"Execution": {"assign_map": {"User_2":{"suites":["1"],"testCases":[5,7]},"User_1":{"suites":[],"testCases":[4,6]},"RemoteExecutor_1":{"suites":[],"testCases":[]}}}}}' http://your-testcollab-url.com/index.php/project/1/executions/assignTest/18.json?API_KEY=yourapikey

Example Response:

    "appState": "/project/1/executions/index",
    "data": {
        "created_id": null
    "message": "Tests have been assigned.",
    "status": true

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