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4.3. Update

URL: /project/{project_id}/test_cases/edit/{test_case_id}

Acceptable POST Parameters:

Is Required?
TestCase.suite_id Yes Suite ID of the test suite which this test case belongs to.
TestCase.title Yes Title of the test case
TestCase.description No Test case description
TestCase.steps No Steps of the test case delemited with blank lines. Markdown syntax can be used.
TestCase.expected_result Yes Expected result of the test case
TestCase.priority Yes Test case's priority; 0 = low, 1 = normal, 2 = high
Tag.tag No Comma-delimited tag ids for this test case

Example Request:

curl --data '{"data": {"TestCase": {"suite_id": "1", "title": "Some test case", "description":"Description goes here...", "steps":"Step 1\n\nStep 2\n\nStep 3", "expected_result": "Expected result text...", "priority": 1}, "Tag": {"tag": "3,4"}}}' http://your-testcollab-url.com/index.php/project/1/test_cases/edit/3.json?API_KEY=yourapikey

Example Response:

    "appState": "/project/1/suites/dashboard",
    "data": {
        "created_id": null
    "message": "Test Case has been saved!",
    "status": true

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