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3.2. Installing TestCollab

Once the server is prepared for the installation. Installation is a quite straight forward process, covered with a wizard.

Make sure the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" is running, this can be done by opening the services panel from Administrative Tools.

Open the web browser, and type your site name (generally, http://localhost) followed by a "/" and the name of the folder or virtual directory where you have kept the Test Collab package files, discussed in the previous chapter.

This should make the URL like http://<sitename>/<testcollab destination>.

For the sake of this manual, we will keep it http://localhost/testcollab.

You should see a screen similar to this:

Click on Next Step to start the installation wizard

Most of the information that the wizard seeks is straight forward and self explanatory.

System Settings

Before installing the application, wizard checks for its dependencies, which include the permissions that should be available for various directories.

Database Configuration

In this step, database related information is to be provided.

Network Settings

In case you are using a proxy server to connect to the internet then this setting will be required to be defined.

License Agreement

You should be having the application's main license key handy, in order to finish this step.

Backend Configuration

This covers the website management related settings

General Configuration

These are application wide settings.

Your Information


Finishing Installation

The wizard ends with your login information, and instruction to change directory permissions for config directory.

The Application

When you finish the installation, you will be redirected to the application, where the first screen you see is the dashboard with a welcome message.
You will be guided to the key features of the applications through a tour, you may opt to take the tour or start working on the application right away.

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