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4.2. Roles Management

Roles can be understood as the privileges assigned to a user for a Project.

These roles define whether a user assigned the said role, will be authorized to perform certain actions or not.

Roles are categorized logically in sections that relate to different modules/sub modules within the application.

Roles are managed only by an administrator.

To know more about the difference between super administrator, administrator and a user, visit our User Management section.

Add a New Role

Only users with administrator privileges can add a new role to the application.


A form is available to enter new role's name.

Also available will be a set of permissions that a user having that role can be granted.

The sets of assignable permissions would be categorized in logical sections that relate to different modules of the application, like

All major sections have a permission to Manage that module or section. A check on "Manage" would mean that permissions have been granted for all actions under that module/section/entity.

The administrator also has an option, to restrict a tester from pausing a running test, and if a user does not have this permission, then he will also not be able to switch to another test execution without finishing an already started test execution.

Edit a Role

The form to edit a role is similar to that used to add a role.

Roles' List

The list of roles is accessible only to the user with a privilege of an administrator


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