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4.1. Users Management

Different ranks exist in the application that decide what kind of privileges a user will have.


Types of ranks available under the application are

Here a User has the access defined or limited by either an administrator or a super administrator.

Administrator is a rank at the middle level.

An administrator can

Super Administrator, can in fact

User management tasks like adding/editing/deleting can only be performed by an administrator.

Add a New User


A form is available to enter new user's information like


If an administrator has enabled the email notification for this action, then the same would be sent.

Edit a User's Record

The form used to update the selected user's record.


If selected user is an administrator then on Edit User or Edit Profile screen an additional option to subscribe to all the mails generated for various activities in the system will be available for the user whose profile is being edited. Once opted, that user will receive a notification of any activity (treated as notifiable by system) via email.

If issue manager has been configured for the application, then a link to associate the selected user to the issue manager account will be shown.

Linking User's Profile with an Issue Manager

This link will enable the new issues to be created on user's behalf. In absence of this setting, the issues will be created using the default account set as reporter by the administrator.

If administrator opts to link the user account issue manager's account with user, a separate form will be provided to let the administrator enter API key for the issue manager.


Users' List


For super administrator, an additional option available would be to change the rank of user.

View a User's Details

On selecting view option for a user, the screen shown is


On the screen general information related to user will be shown which includes

A link to edit the user's profile will be available.

If selected user is not an administrator then the under mentioned details would be limited to the projects he is member of.

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