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3.2. Project Members

Members are users (not application administrators) with a role assigned to them.

Administrators always are members of each and every project in TestCollab.

These members once added then depending on the roles assigned, can 

If an issue manager is configured to be associated with application, then every member's profile can be linked to that issue manager; steps for this are covered under user management.

When a user's profile is linked, any reporting via the issue manager will be done automatically, if opted by tester, this is in cases of failure of a Test Execution.

Any operation on team member's data can only be performed by an administrator.

Add a Team Member

Following is the form used to enter new member's details:

Administrator has to:

If email notification for this action has been enabled, then an email would be sent to the new members.

Project Members' List

On the list, for each project member:

A link to add a new team member will also exist.

Administrator also has an option to select the number of records to be shown per page.

If administrator opts to edit a members's info, then a form similar to the 'add member' is shown.

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