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3.1. Project Management

A Project can be understood as an entity that encapsulates all the objects and functionalities that become the basis for test case management system. 

These projects include Test Suites and Test Cases at a very basic level. 

In TestCollab, projects also include Milestones , Test Plans and Test Executions

The test cases can be linked to the project's requirements the requirements can be maintained within Test Collab, they can be fetched from an issue manager or they can be linked from an external source. 

Archiving of projects is also possible. 

Adding, editing, archiving and deleting projects can only be done by administrators.  

Add a New Project 

Only users with administrator privileges can add a new project to the application. 


Projects' List

For an administrator, the list of projects provides the details on all projects under the application and which are not archived.

For a non administrator, the list of projects would be limited to projects for which he is a member of.

For each project in the list the details include the following:

The links to perform various operations like View / Edit / Archive / Delete are shown when the cursor is hovered over the project details.

Project's Overview

Helping user keep track of the components of a project discussed above, project overview page gives analytical overview of the entire project by mainly the :


The graph covers all the executed test cases pertaining to project, it depicts the following:

  • Number of test cases
  • Time taken or consumed in their execution
  • Indication of passed and failed cases 

Test Metrics

Metrics provides collective and tabular representation of the key statistics for analysis.

List of Activities

The chronologically descending ordered list will cover following:

  • Individual activity performed (i.e. Projects / Suites / Cases / Requirements / Milestones / Test Plans / Executions etc)
  • Name of user who performed the activity
  • Time spent since the activity was performed
Quick Links

Add project members option is available only for administrators.

The tabs on the page provide access to the following:

Archived Projects

Archived Projects' list can be viewed by selecting the Archived option under the Projects Tab.

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