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1.1. Installation manual for Docker

Test Collab now offers Docker image to get you up and running fast.


- Test Collab trial or paid license (This is automatically emailed to you once you signup for our self-hosted trial)

Installation Steps:

1. Pull Test Collab image from Docker Hub:

docker pull testcollab/testcollab:latest

This will pull latest version of Test Collab along with all OS-level dependencies.

2. Start container:

docker run --name=my_testcollab -d -p 80:80 testcollab/testcollab:latest

This will start container in background and bind Test Collab server to your port 80. You can name it whatever you want, name will later be used to create service.

3. Access your instance in browser:


This will bring up the installation wizard of Test Collab, that will ask you for license and other necessary information.

Note: It should be self-explanatory from this point on, however if you run into an issue with the wizard, check detailed manual here (you can skip the dependencies & setting up cronjob).

4. Great! Now you can start using Test Collab but you'll want to configure mail server first so that we can send email notifications.

After logging into your dashboard, go to Settings > Emails. Select SMTP setting there and specify your mailing server credentials.

Production Setup:

You'll eventually want the container to get started automatically as soon as your server boots up. Take a look at this guide here to run docker container as a service.



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