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12.2. Configuring a project and its test cases for automation

Project wise Test Automation Settings

This is the second step that needs to be followed to configure test automation for your Test Collab project, the first step that requires configuring the remote executor is explained here

Navigate to "Settings" > "Automation Settings" when a project is selected. 

On "Test Automation Settings" page the information under following heads need to be provided: 


Automating Individual Test Case

Once the automation settings for a project are in place then you would see "Automate" option for the test cases that come under the project.  

 When "Automate" option is selected, you will be given an option to provide test case wise parameters that should be passed to the command (refer template above) that invokes test automation tool. Individual parameter will have its own entry box to provide the value for. 

Having done with the configuration and automating individual test case, you can now easily assign the test cases to the "Remote Executor" machine so that it can in turn invoke your test automation tool with command and its parameters that are included while configuring. 

More details on test execution assignment are available here 

For further clarification, please refer - http://testcollab.com/files/automation/tcm_controller.swf 

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