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12.1. Test Automation with Remote Executors V2

A remote executor is a machine that is used to execute your automated tests. For connecting the machine with your TestCollab setup, you will need to install remote executor on your machine. Currently we support Windows and Debian based Linux systems.


Configuring TestCollab Setup For Remote Machine:

To add a machine with remote executor to TestCollab. You can do it From Settings -> Remote Executors.

Adding remote executor will need following information:


Installing on Windows:

Remote executor can be downloaded from this page.

  1. After you run the downloaded package, you will be prompted to enter two parameters. Your Test Collab Host and Remote executor API key.

  2. Next you will be required to confirm the path where remote executor files would be copied 

  3. In Test Collab Host, add the URL of your TestCollab installation and in Remote executor API key, add the unique API key that you entered while adding remote executor on TestCollab.
  4. Similarly follow the rest of the wizard - and you will see the success message if everything goes fine.


Note: All configuration changes will require a service restart. For Windows, Go to 'Run > services.msc > Right click Test Collab Remote Executor > Select Restart'.

Installing on Linux:

Remote executor can be downloaded from this page. If you are using a 64 bit Linux the please use 64 bit release.

  1. Change to the directory you downloaded the package into.
  2. Give executable permissions to the file using the following command :
    chmod 755 testcollab_remote_executor_lin64.sh
  3. Run installer file as root using either of these commands, depending on your platform 
    sudo ./testcollab_remote_executor_lin32.sh


    sudo ./testcollab_remote_executor_lin64.sh

  4. Follow the wizard as it installs. During installation you will be prompted to confirm the path where tcmre would be copied 

  5. Next would be the URL you use to access your Test Collab instance 

  6. And finally the unique API key that you entered while adding remote executor on TestCollab.



Installing on Mac:

Remote executor is attached with this guide and is ready to be downloaded : 

  1. Extract the downloaded archive (tcmre_for_Mac.zip) into /opt/share/ 

  2. Edit /opt/share/tcmre/config.ini with your settings i.e. Machine API Key and Test Collab server URL 

  3. Test the tool by running the following command in terminal: 
    /opt/share/tcmre/bin/node  /opt/share/tcmre/src/index 

  4. If you want the remote executor to get launched automatically when your system starts, you can copy /opt/share/tcmre/tcmre.job.plist in /Library/LaunchDaemons to set it as daemon.

  5. Restart your system 

Please note it is important to configure your firewall or router settings if they do not block applications to listen on specific ports.

For further clarification, please refer - http://testcollab.com/files/automation/tcm_controller.swf 

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