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3.3. Custom Fields

Custom fields as the name suggests are the fields that make it possible to define additional properties for an entity.

In Test Collab the custom fields can be defined for:

Custom fields can also be seen as additional parameters that refine the arguments between the person defining the Test Execution and the person who actually executes it. They may be set to control the execution of a test.

If custom fields are present under the project, then they can be used in following ways:

Any number of custom fields can exist under a project.

Following are the Properties of a custom field:

Adding, Editing, Deleting of custom fields can only be done by an administrator. 

Add a Custom Field

Following is the form used to enter a new field's details.

The user will be required to enter/select the following:

Show on search option can be selected, if this field will be required to be used as a filter for search criteria.

Custom field for, name, label, and type are mandatory.

Edit a Custom Field

A form similar to add Custom Field is available to edit a custom field and the user can update any of the information.

When custom fields name, label, and type are available for the field, then record can be updated.

Custom Fields' List


In addition to the list of pre-existing custom fields, the links to Edit/Delete them, and a button to add new field will also be available.

The administrator also has an option to select the number of records to be shown per page will be available through a drop down.

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