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Automation: - 2 Bill Cook
Lean Kit Intergration - 2 Paul
Redmine integration : fails duplicated - 2 Jean Martin
Importing test results from QTP/UFT - 2 Bret Brisky
Bulleted list functions as numeric list - 6 Hans
Importing multi line Test cases from CSV file - 2 Priyanka
Adding multiple users to multiple projects - 4 J Finley
Reporting shows deleted testsuites - 3 Joost Rooijmans
what is the default login for the VM - 2 John Wells
Locked my login by changing to HTTPS if apache is not configured for it yet ... - 2 Dietmar
How do you add a tag to multiple test cases at once - 6 Mike Hill
CSV import/export does not work using Excel - 4 Ben
When selecting a top level Suite it automatically opens the next top level suite. - 3 Mike Hill
LDAP not shown in Settings - 2 Mario
Strange links in help - 2 Max Tardiveau
Integrating TestCollab with Asana? - 2 Rwell
Test updates seem to invalidate test execution results - 2 Mark
When is the next release of Test Collab - 2 Mike Hill
cannot create defect in jira during test execution - 2 Alex
Error - 3 Vitaliy
Connecting with Unfuddle. - 3 Mohammed Qaisi
Is it possible to create testplans in test collab? - 2 divya
How we are managing test case versions and content changes for all versions.? - 2 divya
Has this application died? - 2 Timothy Wall
How test automation is going to work? - 1 Vishal
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