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Integrating Test Collab with Github

Hi again,

I am integrating GitHub issue manager. Should we be able to use API key instead of password? I have just tried using API key but TestCollab rejects the access attempt.

If only password, is it possible to change the input type to "password" instead of "text" to hide the entered password?

Hans | email
Sep 23 2015, 12:26 PM
Hi Hans,

You can use API Token in place of password if you want (provided you also enter the username). Please refer the following article https://github.com/settings/tokens

As far as the input type for "Password" field is concerned. we were showing password for users' ease, but within the database these values were stored in encrypted form.

However since we have received a few more requests to make it a password field, we will change it in Test Collab's future version.

Thanks and Regards

Vishal Vaswani | email
3 hours, 9 mins since original post
Thanks for the quick response...
I just tried it now but it didn't get any response from TestCollab. I tried to test the connection but it returned empty. I am using the cloud version. I tried it on my local and it works.
Hans | email
4 hours, 23 mins since original post

Sorry! Just ignore my last post.. It is now working.. I tried to logout and then login again. Thanks a lot!
Hans | email
4 hours, 41 mins since original post
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