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Does TestCollab has a feature of adding a custom field where you can create individual result for each step when running Test Execution?

For example:
Step 1: Open company website A Step Result: Passed|Failed|Untested
Step 2: Click on menu 1 Step Result: Passed|Failed|Untested

This is one feature my project manager wants to check.

Hans | email
Sep 21 2015, 05:25 PM
Hi Hans,

Thanks for sharing the details of the feature you want.

Having custom fields for test cases and test executions is possible in Test Collab, for details on how to introduce and use the custom fields, you may like to refer related article on our online user guide available at http://support.testcollab.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=101 .

However, the feature of having step wise result is on Test Collab roadmap , and is expected to be released within two weeks' time.

Thanks and Regards

Vishal Vaswani | email
20 hours, 23 mins since original post
Great...Looking forward to it :)
Hans | email
23 hours, 39 mins since original post
It would be great as well if users can add expected result to each step (during test case creation) and actual result to each step (during test execution).
Hans | email
23 hours, 42 mins since original post
Hi Hans,

Yes, users will be able to add expected result for each step and add comment or there observation next to each step during execution.
Shrey Gupta | email
1 day, 16 hours since original post
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