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How do you add a tag to multiple test cases at once

We would like to add the same tag to many test cases at once.

Looking at your API it seems that it can only do it one test case at a time, we want to add tags to whole suites of test cases at a time.

Is this possible?
Mike Hill | email
Nov 26 2014, 11:01 PM
Hi Mike,

Sorry, but this feature is not supported in TestCollab. You still use API by updating tags of each test case of a suite through a API call. Or if you need customization for implementation it via web interface you can email us at support@testcollab.com
Shrey Gupta | email
1 day, 12 hours since original post
Is there anyway to add a tag to multiple test cases at once?

Via the service desk or possibly through exporting each suite changing that export file and re-importing this modified file?

Mike Hill | email
5 days, 23 hours since original post
Hi Mike,

You can use xml export and import feature. Xml import feature allows test case update.
Or if you have anyone in your team who is efficient browser automation tool programming like selenium then you can write a script which will update tags through web interface.

Btw, if you decided to use xml import/export feature. Please run it on small set of suites first before implementing for complete project.
Shrey Gupta | email
6 days, 12 hours since original post

We had a look at the xml import/export feature and there is nowhere to add a tag in the format.

We even added a tag through the GUI and exported this test case, yet the tag was not being exported.
Mike Hill | email
6 days, 15 hours since original post
Hi Mike,

I have just confirmed, currently there is no support tags in xml. It was my bad to suggest you the solution. If you can contact our support through http://support.testcollab.com/index.php?pg=request then we will like to discuss your requirement in more detail.
Shrey Gupta | email
1 week, 2 days since original post
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