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CSV import/export does not work using Excel

I tried to import test cases and ran into several issues. Export only works from 1 level up, for example if i have a test suite nested within another test suite CSV export is blank and does not pickup the test cases in the nested test suite.

I created test cases in excel and followed the sample CSV format but on upload it treated each field as a header. Looking deeper into the issues your CSV format requires quotations around any field with spaces, Excel does not add these quotations to their CSV format.

This is a fairly large blocker for me.
Ben | email
Oct 31 2014, 12:25 AM
Hi Ben,

Thanks for writing in.

For the first issue you have reported pertaining to test suite export, I would like to suggest that you use XML export option as it also takes into consideration the sub suites and their test cases.

As far as second issue is concerned, can you please clarify this - "but on upload it treated each field as a header" ? Are you willing to skip some of the fields while importing?

Finally, for quotation marks, MS Excel should be having an option to specify the text delimiter at the time of saving the CSV.

Vishal Vaswani | email
17 hours, 22 mins since original post
I use Excel 2011 on mac, there are no delimiter options.

I took your sample csv opened it in excel, did not add any headers. then tried to save the csv file and upload it. If you had a way to upload files i could show you and example
Ben | email
21 hours, 5 mins since original post
Hi Ben,

Sure, you can share the file(s) with us by sending an email to support@testcollab.com


Vishal Vaswani | email
1 day, 16 hours since original post
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