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LDAP not shown in Settings

Hi after installing the php53-ldap package in SLES 11 SP3 and restarting the webserver we can not see the LDAP settings for authentification.

We also have executed: ./cake/console/cake clean cache

Do you know how to fix or debug this?

Thank you. Mario
Mario | email
Aug 15 2014, 12:42 PM
Hi Mario,

Thanks for writing in.

Can you please confirm your TestCollab version? For this, please check version.txt file.

If the version is 1.5.2, you can get the link to access the LDAP settings page under main dashboard's "Settings" tab. The details on how to use the feature are available at - http://support.testcollab.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=98

If version is less than 1.5 then please download the latest package, and follow our upgrade guide available at - http://support.testcollab.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=73



Vishal Vaswani | email
22 hours, 33 mins since original post
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