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Test updates seem to invalidate test execution results

I am using the online demo. I created some tests and then ran them and marked them as "Pass". I then updated the test and when I went back to review the old test run, the updated test is shown. This gives the indication that the updated test was run. Generally speaking it is not uncommon for us to update tests to add a check we may have forgotten or remove a step that might not be needed, etc. If I need to validate which test was run for a particular release, how would that be done? Thanks.
Mark | email
May 12 2014, 11:40 PM
Hi Mark,

Thanks for writing in.

The feature you are looking for is on the product's roadmap, and would be a part of Test Collab after a couple of version upgrades.


Vishal Vaswani | email
15 hours, 18 mins since original post
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