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Connecting with Unfuddle.

Hi All,

I have a problem conntecting my account on test collab with unfuddle, the bug specifically is with selecting custome fields when the bug is created.

In the description in this page :


it says check the ". Find the name and value for Unfuddle's custom fields. Name for Unfuddle custom starts from issue_custom_field_values. For example, we have a custom field named Environment, on viewing page source we see - <label for="issue_custom_field_values_2"" and i can't find it from the source page and then can't put the names of the fields that i want to set when the bug is opened.

Can anybody help me please?
Mohammed Qaisi | email
Feb 17 2014, 03:24 PM
Hi Mohammed,

Recently there had been some changes in Unfuddle API related to custom field, that is the cause behind this problem.

The custom fields available by default and that can be associated with tickets under an Unfuddle project need to be identified as - field1_value_id, field2_value_id, field3_value_id respectively in Test Collab, when you provide issue manager settings.

Vishal Vaswani | email
1 day, 21 hours since original post
Yes i did change them and they worked. thanks for support guys!
Mohammed Qaisi | email
1 day, 21 hours since original post
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