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Reporting - Is it possible to report the test execution at suite level


Is it possible to report the test execution by suites.

For example :
If there are 4 suites in a test execution and i want to know how many tests passed/failed per suite and what are the bugs reported per suite.

Can i get this info ?

Santhosh | email
May 21 2013, 03:13 PM
Hello Santhosh,

Thanks for writing in.

Here is the answer to your query.

Yes, it is possible to know the suite wise status of each and every test case while you see the execution report once all its tests are run.

The report helps you have comprehensive and analytical details of a test execution which include:

- Graphical representation of the status over the number of executed cases

- Overall result and time spent

- Members involved in testing

- Suite wise test results and time taken

Following details are also available when you opt to view the details of an individual executed test case:

- Bugs reported with their Defect IDs

- Comments left by tester or user who is a member of tester's team

- Files attached at the time of executing the test

Please let us know if you have any other queries.


Vishal Vaswani

Vishal Vaswani | email
22 hours, 43 mins since original post
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