To easily search test cases, you can define one or more criteria to filter the list of test cases being shown. You can also set whether any or all conditions should match at the time of applying the filter. 

Filters can be applied on : 

  • ID

  • Title

  • Priority

  • Creation Date

  • Author

  • Tags, and

  • Average Execution Time

Filter by ID

An exact value, or IDs greater than or lesser than a particular number can be searched for

Filter by Title 

Options are to look for test cases that contain a particular text ; or do not contain the text

Filter by Priority

One or more values for priority can be selected from the drop down

Filter by Creation Date

A range of dates can be provided to look for test cases created between specified range

Filter by Author

Select the name of author who has created test case(s)

Filter by Tags

Select one or more tags to look for associated test cases, there is also option to look for test cases that have all tags ; or the ones that have any of the specified tags. You can also look for test cases that are not associated with particular tag(s) by selecting "does not match" option and typing the tag(s) in given box, if the box is left empty then test cases that have no tags associated with them will be shortlisted.

Filter by Average Execution Time

Option to look for test cases with average execution time that is exactly same, or greater than or lesser than the given value in seconds

Applying more than one filters at a time

You can apply one or more filters at a time and also select whether you want all or any of the filter conditions to be satisfied 

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