Test Suites and Test Cases Manager

The manager screen provides an interface which enables user to perform all kinds of diverse operations for test suites and test cases.

Operations like viewing, prioritizing, sorting, copying and re-grouping tests can be performed using this screen.

Additional features include: 

  • Importing and exporting test suites in XML format, and 

  • Importing and exporting test cases in CSV format, all the operations are possible from a single screen 

  • Importing test cases from Excel files and from other projects 

User can filter test cases on the basis of suite's title, test case's title, test case's priority, tags applied, requirements linked with them while defining cases, and custom fields that are defined to be used for test cases.

When test suites and test cases are present under a project, they will be shown in a tree like structure on left pane. 

The test suites and test cases under a suite can be expanded or collapsed by either clicking onto the test suite or by clicking on the icon provided for the purpose.

Other operations that can be performed are :  

  • Add new test suites and new test cases

  • Copy test suites (within same project) and cases (primarily within same test suite)

  • Import (test suites) from other projects or from XML, CSV or Excel

  • Export (test suites) as XML or CSV

  • Filter (test cases) by Tags, Requirements, Priority and custom fields defined within the project for test cases

  • Link all test cases to requirement(s)

Context menus available for suites and cases

While all options available through this menu are straight forward, the option of linking all test cases to requirements mean that when you click on it you will be shown a window where you can enter a comma separated Ids of requirements that you want to be linked with all test cases under selected suite.


When a test case is selected the details of the test case will be shown into the right pane, covering

  • Test case title

  • Test case Id

  • Test suite name

  • Description

  • Steps

  • Expected results

  • Attachments

  • Tags 

  • Linked requirements (if enabled for project), and

  • Execution History

 The history of executions (if any) for selected test will be shown in tabular format.

It would be possible to navigate through the peer test cases under the selected suite, edit or delete current test case using the links on right pane. If a recent change has been made in the suite tree (hierarchy) as a result of drag and drop of test suites and cases, then a page refresh is required to have proper navigation.

User has options to:

  • Rearrange (prioritize and sort) the test cases under a suite

  • User can even move a test case from one suite to another by simply dragging

  • More than one case can be selected (for moving) by holding Ctrl key at the time of selecting them

When User has opted to filter the test suites and cases then he can simply key in the search criteria in the respective boxes he wants to filter the list on the basis of, once he starts keying the related options will be suggested and appropriate option can be selected.


Once the filter is applied, the list of test cases and their respective suites will be restricted to the criteria selected.

When filter is applied, Reset option can be used to remove the applied filters and show all cases and suites.

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