Reusable steps can be used to create a group of steps which are common among a lot of test cases as they are without any modifications.

Using reusable steps helps you in saving redundancy and time in test case creation process.

Please note that as of Test Collab version 1.14.2 , reusable steps can only be used when "Markdown" is selected as editor type in "General Settings"

Add a Set of Reusable Steps

When an authorized user opts to add a set of reusable steps, then a form will be shown to enter information.

On the form, user will be required to provide

  • Title of the set

  • Steps, these are the most important set of one or more instructions to execute the tests arranged in a logical sequence

  • In the editor provided for steps, he will have option to add the defined steps that are included under the test case,

  • For each step, user should be clear in defining the part of the procedure that step is expected to be used for,

  • To separate 2 steps user should provide a gap of 1 line by hitting Return (Enter) key twice,

  • To provide the properties (format) for text being used for each step, user will have set of icons associated with the text editor.

Both title and steps are mandatory fields.

Edit a Set of Reusable Steps

When an authorized user opts to edit a set of reusable steps, then a form similar to add new set will be shown and user can update any of the information.

Reusable Steps' List

The reusable steps' list screen, lets an authorized user manage the reusable steps.

On this screen, a button to add a new set of reusable steps, a list of pre-existing sets of reusable steps will be shown.

Using Reusable Steps 

While being on test case add or edit page, when a set of reusable step is created, user can embed it in test case by clicking the  icon below

icon on toolbar of text editor. When the icon is clicked user gets list of set of reusable steps to embed. User can also define new reusable steps from this screen. 

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