This feature provides you an option of getting the default and custom fields used in Test Collab project to be mapped with the associated issue manager fields through the values. By mapping these field values you make sure that the values for the issues reported in the issue manager are the ones you wanted to be when you or your team members were selecting their counter parts for test cases or test executions in Test Collab.

Mapping is basically done between the fields you have selected while configuring the issue manager for the project, and the default and custom fields that exist in the project for test cases and test executions, i.e. you will have to decide that a particular field selected for issue manager is to be mapped with which Test Collab field. When you select the Test Collab project field, you will then be presented with option to provide value (as it should be in reported issue) to map for each of the options you have defined with your field.

Supported field types for the purpose are option box, multiple choice option box and radio buttons (fields that provide a set of possible values).

Here is an example of field mapping: 

For instance if while adding or editing an execution I opted the platform to be "Linux" then at the time the relevant issue is reported the value for the mapped field would be set as "debian"

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