Test Collab provides a feature of automatically sending the emails to the related users whenever there is an activity performed during the usage of the application. 

Administrator can easily configure the related settings and enable or disable the notifications he may want to. 

Administrator also has the option to modify the template that will be used to compose the mails for its recipients. 

The templates are categorized / named to clarify the event/action they related to, administrator can, at any point for any template, choose to revert to the default template. 

The Form 

A form to let user define email settings 

The form will be divided in 2 sections 

  • One for templates been used by application for various actions, and 

  • The other for enabling/disabling notifications for various types of events 

Modifying a Template 

A form enabling the administrator to edit the template

The form will be divided in sections, like section for 

  • Title of the mail, and 

  • Section for contents 

Here user can set contents for 

  • Email clients that support text only, and 

  • For the clients that support both text and HTML 

Each section allows user to change the text for that along with option to merge certain predefined fields that are relevant to the context (action) for which mail template will be used. 

And user can use the HTML tags inside the text box for HTML contents. 

Restore Default Template 

For any event, administrator can opt to restore the default template been offered by application. 

Enable/Disable Email Notifications 

When administrator opts to change settings for notifications, a form with the names of various types of actions for which email can be sent, will be shown

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