There are certain general settings that effect the behaviour of whole application and can be mananged from this screen

Settings include

  • Date format

  • Website time zone

  • Enabling of hint messages

  • Enabling test automation

  • Use of HTTPS for secured browsing

  • Editor type

  • Disable sequential execution / popup-window for execution

  • Attachments are private and only logged in users can access them


Setting Date Format for Application

Administrator can set the date format that can be used throughout the application.


Once selected the date format will be applicable from that point onwards on forms and for any reporting, or communication through out the application.

Setting the Website Time Zone

Time zone can be set by selecting one from the options available.


Similarly Hint message can be enabled / disabled for the entire application.


Test Automation

It helps the tests in the application to be conducted automatically by configuring automation settings and also setting remote executors.

Use of HTTPS for secured browsing

Administrator can opt to use HTTPS for making the site browsing secured.

Before enabling, he can check whether the HTTPS is supported on his server, by using the link provided next to the checkbox.

If HTTPS is supported and administrator has opted to enable HTTPS, then immediately after saving these settings the site browsing will be through HTTPS only.

Any access to the site will then be SSL enabled, from that point onwards. 

Similarly, if user wants to not to use HTTPS in the future, then the same will be possible, by disabling the setting.

Editor Type

Some fields like steps and expected result show interactive text widgets. You can choose your default editor for all the projects.

The options that you have for the editor are:

Markdown - The Default Editor 

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats. When selected it provides you the editor that expects markdown syntax, and this is also the default editor for the application. 


With this you get a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor so that you can instantly see how the text would look like. 

Plain Text 

When selected you will get a simple text box with no formatting options for the text added.

Disable sequential execution / popup-window for execution

When it comes to executing test cases there are two options of interface:

Sequential execution interface

This shows test cases to be executed one-by-one sequentially in a separate popup.

Non-sequential execution interface

This provides tree like structure of test cases with option to select the test case to be executed.

Attachments are private and only logged in users can access them

This option controls the privacy of attachments. In other words - this option, when checked restricts the accessibility of attachment for a person who is having a link for an attachment, but has not logged into the application.

For instance, while reporting a bug from application (using the linked issue manager), if a tester has attached a file, and added some comments, then the comments will be shown and the link for the attached file will be made available for the one who is reading the ticket created, now, if administrator has set the attachments as private, then that person would not be able to download that attachment unless he logs into the TestCollab application.

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