Managing project requirements in Test Collab has become more easier as you can now have all your requirements maintained within the tool itself, without being dependent on your linked issue manager or any external tool, 

Introducing the In-Built Requirements Manager that helps you create, modify and remove Features and their Scenarios in which a feature's behaviour may change. 

To use this you need to select "Test Collab's In-built requirements manager" as the source while enabling requirements for your Test Collab project. 

Enabling Requirements Management for Project

Navigate to Requirements tab under Settings menu for the project, 

  • "Enable" the requirements management, 

  • Select "Test Collab's In-built Requirements Manager" as source of requirement 

Managing Features and Scenarios

Once requirements are enabled you can switch to "Requirements" tab, here you will get a link to manage the features and scenarios. 

On manage features page, you can use the relevant link to start adding the feature. 

Similarly scenarios can be maintained by using the "Scenarios" option available next to feature on features list page. In Test Collab you can have one or more features and in turn you can have one or more scenarios under each feature that would define how a feature is going to behave in a particular scenario. 

Linking Features and Scenarios with Test Cases

All features and scenarios once added can be linked with the test cases under the current project. 

See All Requirements under Current Project

All features and scenarios created under the current project are shown on requirements list page in hierarchical manner. 


On requirements index you can : 

  • Get the feature / scenario details viewed tool when you click on the requirement id,  

  • See the number of test cases linked with each requirement listed, 

  • Add test cases that link with the requirement, 

  • See the linked test cases on test suites and test cases management screen

Importing Requirements Through Excel or CSV Format Files

When in-built requirements are enabled for a project you can import the features and scenarios using Excel or CSV format files. 

The process for importing requirements through Excel or CSV is same for both features and scenarios. 

When on requirements index you see options to get the features imported into the project: 

On selecting either of the options you will be required to select the file that holds the requirements.

If the data file has headers i.e. the first line defines the header for data, then you can check the box available for the purpose. 

Once you select the file and click on Import, you will be redirected to a page where you can map the fields for requirements with columns in the file. Only two columns are mainly expected here - Title and Description 

After the mapping when you hit "Save", the process to import data from the selected file starts and if there is an error while importing the data then the same will be reported otherwise the requirement's data would be populated into your Test Collab project.

A sample Excel spreadsheet that holds some features has been attached with this article for the reference.

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