This page explains how integration with MantisHub is possible in Test Collab. 

Generating API Token on MantisHub 

In order to integrate MantisHub as issue manager , you should have API token generated for the MantisHub user. If the same is not generated then here are the steps: 

Navigate to "My Account" section, on My Account, switch to "API Tokens" tab. 

You will be prompted to provide a Token Name , after entering a name you can use "Create Token" button.

Global Settings 

While defining the global settings, select "Mantis REST" ; after selection provide the MantisHub URL, and the API Token generated on MantisHub. 

You also have an option of allowing the reported issue to be resolved automatically when the related test case passes by checking "Resolve reported issues when a failed test case is marked as passed". When you check this you will be prompted to provide the status code that MantisHub uses for resolved issues, you need to enter the same for "Status code for resolved". 

Project wise integration settings 

When it comes to project specific settings, values for following fields can be provided for Mantis: 

For all other default fields in list you see above you will get lists to choose from for Handler Id and View State open /bug_report_page.php page and view page source. 

handler_id : User id to whom issue should get assigned. Search for select with name attribute equal to "handler_id" and select values from the options tag. 

view_state : Search for input tag with name equal to "view_state" and enter value attribute information of the view_state. 

You can also add other fields including any custom field using "Add user defined field" from the drop down, clicking this you will get a text box in place of drop down to enter the name of the field.

Please note that you have to start the name of field by custom_field_ followed by the custom field name in Mantis. 

Once the values for all fields have been provided you can save and test the settings by creating a sample issue in MantisHub. 

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