Almost all popular bug tracking system being used currently can be integrated with the Testcollab. 

Make sure you have selected the issue manager, for this go to  Settings->Issue Manager tab from the account dashboard, where you can define application wide settings for issue managers. More details.

Once done you can select the project for which you want to do the project specific settings.

This page explains how integration with Bugzilla is possible in Testcollab.

Important Note

To integrate Bugzilla with Test Collab, all required fields of Bugzilla's new bug form must be added in project's issue manager settings page. For example, if you have created a custom field named priority which is a required field then you must put field name and value for that field in issue manager settings page of project, else Bugzilla won't allow Test collab to submit any bug.


A default Bugzilla settings form has 6 pre-entered fields-

product - In Bugzilla bugs are categorized into Products. You have to write your product name in which you want all reported defects to be posted. Use exactly same as it is specified in your Bugzilla.

component - Components are second level category and each belongs to a product. You have to put name of component of the product you have mentioned above in which you want all defects to be posted. This is a required field.

assigned_to - Here you can specify the email address of the user to whom you want to assign all defects created from Test Collab. This field is an optional field, if you will leave this field empty all bugs will be assign to default assignee of that component.

version - Fill the version name to which all the defects of the particular project belongs. For example - 1.0, 1.2 etc. This is a required field.

op_sys - Fill the Operating system name which should be selected while creating bug in Bugzilla. For example- Linux, Windows XP etc. This is a required field.

rep_platform - Fill the hardware platform name which should be selected while creating bug in Bugzilla. For example- All, PC etc. This is a required field.

You can click the test button at bottom to make sure that Test Collab is able to create a sample bug in Bugzilla.

Setting up custom Bugzilla Fields

1. Go to Bugzilla's Enter Bug page.

2. Right click on it and select View source.

3. Find the name and value for Bugzilla's custom fields. Name for bugzilla custom starts from cf_

4. Click on add more field link on Issue Manager Settings page, put your custom field name and value in respective fields.

5. Click Test button to create a sample bug and check if your custom field was added successfully.

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